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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 6, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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friday looks like our next oppounity of seeing any showers. they should come in in the afternoon hours. if all goes as scheduled, they should be exiting for your holiday weekend saturday, sunday, columbus day on monday should feature dry weather with clearing skies on saturday. starting out cool near 60. we're back up near 70 degrees once again by columbus day. forecast for in detail right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: new information expected this morning on a missing cargo ship. the update on the way as relatives of the crew share their panic. erika: a pilot dies while flying to boston. this morning a doctor on board explains what went wrong. emily: historic flooding leaving people trapped in south carolina. the biggest concern of one man who can't leave home. it's on the eye for this tuesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener."
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it doesn't even taste good. erika: also on the eye this morning. when bears won't listen to reason. one woman's plea to get a hungry bear away from her kayak. she doesn't think it's interesting. emily: a logical argument. it doesn't taste good. erika: good morning. i'm erika tarantal. randy is off today. emily: and i'm emily riemer along with cindy fitzgibbon. a clear start today. that moon coming in was really bright. cindy: we've had so much cloud cover for about a week. tuesday was the real nice day we had. a nice change of pace coming. clearing skies, returning sunshine today. it will be a nice day. with the clearing skies it is a little chilly out the door this morning. by the way you see that off to our east? that is joaquin there. a good 500 miles or so southeast of nantucket this morning and moving away. high pressure now settling so it is is setting us up for a nice day. that being said you're going to want a jacket out the door this morning. lots of upper 40's now. boston to plymouth. lower 40's up in beverly. worcester right now in the mid
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from orange to keene we're running only in the 30's this morning. so it's definitely a chilly start. we're going to hold it in the upper 40's through about 8:00 this morning. by 9:00 a.m. we're in the 50's. lunch hour temperatures running in the low to mid 60's. away from the coastline today, we're going to make a run toward valley. mid 60's boston. marshfield the cool spot on the cape with that lighter northwesterly wind holding you in the lower 60's today. we're in good shape weatherwise. let's get you out to the roads and see how we're doing out there. good morning. olessa: good morning, everyone. so far it's a quiet start. that overnight construction in the final stages. a live look at the pike here by allston/brighton. let's get to the maps and check out the rest of that trip. all of our overnight construction picking up now. 93 southbound at the zakim expressway. near storrow as you travel 9 there's construction by route 28. once again by route 24 and then by 138. roadwork clearing on 128 by great plain avenue and then as you travel past the ramps to the speak. also some construction by newton corner.
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no problems north of town and so far trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. i'm olessa stepanova. thanks a look at your traffic. >> we're not holding up well, not at all well. emily: a mother holding back tears waiting for new information about her daughter and the many other people feared this morning we're expecting to searching for that lost cargo erika: the eye's todd kazakiewich is live at the mass maritime academy where many are clinging to hope. todd: erika, emily, good morning. right now that ship is nowhere to be found, but those who know the crew are still not giving up. just yesterday, monday, the damaged life boat was recovered. a damaged life boat. but still no sign of the 33-passenger crew. among them, jeffrey mathias, the engineer of "el farro" who lives in kingston with wife and three children. keith griffin, a winthrop native, was also on board. his wife is expecting twins.
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and this woman is from massachusetts. she says her daughter, mariette wright, is happiest on the ocean. mother: she loves the sea. she couldn't live without being on the sea somehow or somewhere. and that is her life. and now i'm so afraid she has lost it to the sea. todd: a moment of reflection is set for this morning at mass maritime academy. another vigil will take place at maine maritime academy where four crew members graduated. the ntsb is expected to hold a news conference around 7:30 this morning. we'll keep you posted as we get new developments on the search for the missing cargo ship. reporting live from mass maritime in buzzards bay, tod tod, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: thank you, todd. right now a late night fire is under investigation in marlborough. the flames broke out in the back deck area of a home on versailes street just after eleven last night. police tell us the fire is not considered suspicious.
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nine people were forced out of the two-family home. erika: a pilot dies midair. his co-pilot forced to make an emergency landing. the eyeopener's jim lokay is here with new information we are learning this morning. jim: good morning to you. investigators released the name of the american airlines pilot late last night. 57-year-old captain michael johnston died of a massive heart attack. that plane from phoenix was bound for boston but made that emergency landing in syracuse. passengers say ambulances were already at the gate when american airlines flight 550 touched down. phillip greenspun is a former delta pilot who now teaches at east coast aero club. he, like the passengers on board, applauds the co-pilot. >> it is a lot more work to fly an airliner by yourself. you have to run the checklists. you have to manipulate all the switches, and you have to fly the airplane. jim: greenspun said the captain's critical condition, combined with good weather and a lengthy runway, likely contributed to the first
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in syracuse. johnston's wife said he had by-pass surgery almost a decade ago. since then he was required to have physicals every six months. erika: a new push today to get double murder charges against aaron hernandez dropped. lawyers for the ex-patriot will try to get charges tied to the 2012 murders of daniel de abreu and safiro furtado dismissed. prosecutors say hernandez shot the men after an encounter in a boston nightclub. the defense claims insufficient evidence was presented to a grand jury to establish probable cause. the trial is scheduled to begin in december. emily: new this morning. boston city leaders re-affirming the city is safe despite a rash of violence this summer. mayor walsh telling a crowd in east boston last night that when you compare boston to other cities, it's the safest. police commissioner bill evans telling residents that police are continuing to investigate the deaths of two teens in eastie last month, saying detectives are close to making an arrest in one of those cases. the white house has withdrawn beverly scott's nomination to
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transportation safety board. according to "the herald," white house officials say scott asked that her nomination be withdrawn for personal reasons. the former head of the mbta stepped down in february as the system was crippled by snow. erika: commitment 2016. a new focus on the new hampshire senate race now bound to be one of the toughest in the nation. democratic governor maggie hassan says she will run. she will challenge republican senator kelly ayotte next year. >> she has stood with special interests rather than with the people of new hampshire. i'll put new hampshire first. that's what this campaign will be about. erika: ayotte says she welcomes hassan to the race. here's how tight this race could be. a wmur poll shows ayotte leading hassan by just two points, 45 to 43 percent. two republicans hoping to be president will be stumping in the granite state today. former new york governor george
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pataki will hold a meet and greet in lebanon before heading to keene. he then travels to rye for a town hall meeting. and marco rubio begins a two-day visit in new hampshire today. he'll attend a house party in bedford tonight, and tomorrow he has events in dover and wolfeboro. emily: democratic frontrunner hillary clinton calling for sweeping changes to combat mass shootings and gun violence. she talked about her plan while campaigning in new hampshire. clinton: when this happens, people are quick to say that they offer their thoughts and prayers. that's not enough. emily: clinton says a 2005 law that shields gun manufacturers from lawsuits needs to be repealed. she also says expanded background checks are needed for gun shows and online sales. gun-shop owners in new hampshire maintain background checks are not the problem. right now people in the carolinas are still on alert after days of historic flooding. thirteen people are now confirmed dead. cindy, the rain has stopped, but
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cindy: that is true, emily. this morning evacuations are still in effect. several dams has already burst and more are in jeopardy. this man, using a kayak to go house to house searching for survivors. holliston-native luke mccallum goes to the university of south carolina in columbia. he sent us this video of water nearly to the level of the bridge that it's normally well under. mccallum has been stuck in his apartment for at least two days. >> trying to get to the city itself is a bit of an issue because all the roads have been blocked off in like recent hours and there may, i mean, not being able to shower. cindy: drinking water has been contaminated for thousands of residents. our weather is a very different story. chilly now but big changes are coming, and i'll have the timeline in just a few minutes. erika? snerks cindy, thanks so much. a coyote warning out of lawrence this morning. this picture was taken near cyr drive. police are warning people to keep pets inside and cover trash.
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and of course stay away from the coyote if you spot it. a new reason to keep a closer eye on your bank account. emily: the small fees that are getting bigger all the time. >> i have hope that she'll be home with us. emily: pam smart's mother speaking out for the first time since her daughter's murder conviction. her push to set her free, and the lie she asked pam to tell. erika: new this morning. mistakes that lead to overeating. three habits that can pack on the pounds before you know it.
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>> we are the students in somerville, massachusetts. good morning, "eyeopener." emily: way to show some awesome school spirit, guys! keep going. keep waving. a good morning to all of you and everyone in somerville. you guys have all the energy for us. erika: a great gathering there. a wake-up call is a great way to show off your school pride. just post it in the u-local section of our website, olessa: i did not get the memo this morning.
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emily: we walked in this morning and we said, okay. olessa: this is proof that this isn't planned. cindy: clearly we're feeling a little blue this morning. you were channeling last night's sunset. if you didn't get a chance to see it, look at this picture. it was spectacular. this is wayland last night. you see that cloud cover there reflecting the sun going down there below the horizon. the sky was just aglow and ablaze with pinks and oranges. it looked fantastic last night. now we have cleared out those clouds during the overnight hours. so today we're going to return to some sunshine. it has been so gloomy around here lately. nice weather coming on in for today. it's going to turn milder this afternoon as well. our next chance for rain is not coming in on-- until friday so the weather is turning around. the average high is 65. we've been running below that all month long. we're going to jump above average today into tomorrow. it should be the warmest day of the week. the temperatures will start to come down a little bit as we head toward thursday. take a look at the readings right now. we're 49 boston.
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city, lots of 30's showing up. bedford to nashua 38 degrees. we're 36 jaffrey to orange. keene 37. so you get the idea. it is a chilly start. lower 40's on the north shore and beverly. on the south shore, we're running in the upper 40's. you jump inland. taunton to norwood in the 30's this morning. mildest temperatures are on cape cod where we held on to the cloud cover the longest through the overnight. those clouds beginning to shift eastward now so the skies are clearing. we are going to enjoy some sunshine today as high pressure noses on in. for the first time in a while, mostly sunny skies. bright and cool through 8:00 a.m. we're still in the upper 40's. mid 60's at lunchtime and still pleasant for the ride home. still about 65 degrees. there will be a sea breeze today. so i think 67 is the best we do in boston. but you get away from the coast. we'll be up around 70 from the merrimack valley. upper 60's taunton. cool spot today with that light northwesterly wind on the cape where you're holding in the lower 60's. clear skies. a little patchy fog.
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most of the suburbs going down in the 40's tonight. and tomorrow is a milder day but we're watching a cold front come through with passing clouds late tomorrow. and this will bring in slightly cooler temperatures here coming up on thursday. you'll see that in the seven-day forecast. if you're wondering about joaquin, still a hurricane. moving away from us now, 0 miles southeast of nantucket. it will continue this trek through the north central atlantic, not bothering anyone in the days ahead. we're seeing that sunshine coming on in. look at the temperature tomorrow right around 70. warmest day of the week. cooler behind it in the wake of that frontal boundary. then on friday that's our next opportunity to see some showers mostly coming in in the afternoon it appears with this frontal boundary. then the plan is for this front to get out of here on saturday. it stays on schedule. we'll clear things out nicely on saturday. however, i do want to caution one of our computer models slowing this front down with a wave of low pressure. right now i'm going for clearing saturday. look at the holiday weekend.
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looking good. olessa: three-day weekend, the weather looking good. we'll take it. a quiet start on the roads. one late-running construction project. i'll show you where that is. first a live look at the pike. there it is at allston/brighton. no problems here. let's check out the rest of that roadwork. all of it just about gone. construction on the zakim bridge picked. construction near the south bay mall out of the way. all the roadwork on 93 cleared nice and early by route 28, 24 and again by 138. near great plain avenue 128 also nice and light now. all that construction gone on the ramp for the pike. if you're traveling 128 north right over by route 2 and 2a there's late-running construction there. i'll let you know when that clears. north of town, no problems. trains and bus s are operating on schedule. i'm olessa stepanova. that's a look at your traffic. >> i hope i live long enough to see my daughter come home. erika: the mother of pam smart breaking her silence after 25 years. she's calling for a new trial for her daughter. linda wojas is joining pam smart's attorney in a call to
5:16 am
re-open the case. greg smart was shot in the couple's derry condo in 1990. the four teens convicted in carrying out his murder have all been released on parole. pam smart is serving a life sentence for being the so-called mastermind of the murder. her mother has gone as far as to ask smart to confess to get a lesser punishment. she says smart refused. >> good for her. i don't know if i'd have that much courage. erika: smart's parents maintain she is innocent and say they will continue to fight for their daughter while she remains in prison. emily: topping economy headlines this tuesday. asian markets hit a two-year high overnight as it looks more likely that the fed reserve will not raise interest rates this year. stock futures are lower at this hour following monday's big gains on wall street. the dow added 304 points. city sports is going bankrupt and closing some stores. the boston-based sports equipment retailer is filing for chapter 11 protection.
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will close. city sports currently operates 26 stores along the east coast. using an a.t.m. out of your bank's network now costs more than ever. a new survey found the average fee to withdraw cash is $4.52 per transaction. boston falls right under the national average at $4.44 per transaction. many people are unaware that their bank can also charge them for using a foreign atm. 5:19 now. when it comes to food, it can be hard to put the fork or bag of chips down. erika: especially the chips. but it turns out, the root of over-eating is sneaky. doctors say if you consume artificial sweeteners, it's more difficult for your body to gauge just how much you're ingesting and in turn knowing when you feel full. next, you dine out too much. restaurants generally serve larger portions and you also have little control of what's in your food. foods high in sodium and fat can cause you to over-indulge. and do you watch t.v. or browse
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too much. guilty, guilty, guilty. erika: now we know what to fix, right? still ahead, a woman trying to reason with a bear. and tug of war with a blade of grass. erika: it's video you have to see, in eyepoppers. jim? jim: then new at 5:30. social media is an an uproar over the way united airlines treated a mom from newton. their instructions when she asked for a private place to pump breast milk. and new information on the life of a toddler found dead in worcester. the startling conditions the state may have known about. sera? sera: fantasy football websites under fire after an employee wins big. the new concerns those
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andrew:p the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. r i think all of us play for that very reason. t it makes us the child we once were. p the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. p you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again.
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cindy: 5:23 now on your tuesday morning. we are looking for a return to sunshine today. it is a little chilly out the door this morning though. make sure you're all layered up. 30's showing up north and west of boston. 46 in worcester right now. 49 in the city. mostly sunny skies today. milder temperatures. mid 60's to around 70. coolest right along the coast today with a bit of a sea breeze developing this afternoon. if you are looking for something to do, the topsfield fair is going on. it runs through columbus day. looking for that sunshine today. looking good here. in the 60's the next couple of
5:21 am
days. emily: i'll bet they have good food there, olessa. olessa: i checked it out. yes, there is good food there. erika: right now though it's olessa: when confronted by a bear, most of us would run away but not one lady in alaska who had plenty of questions for the animal. take a listen. >> bear, please stop. please stop, bear. why are you here? olessa: a conversation with a this all started when she attempted to pepper-spray the animal. she goes on for more than two minutes begging that bear not to destroy her kayak. erika: it's september. she should be in school. olessa: it's a bear. try reasoning with a bear. erika: so funny. olessa: fighting over that last piece of food isn't just for humans. these cavias, similar to guinea pigs, just can't seem to figure out who gets the last bite of grass. so cute. the person who recorded the food fight went as far as to put it
5:22 am
we can get-- look at that. i think the one on the left won actually. i don't know. very cute. i think they're just kissing. erika: i do too. like when their noses touch. emily. emily: i feel like that guy has way too much time on his hands. olessa: that too. emily: a major recall of cheerios. the labeling that could lead to health trouble. plus a new hampshire hospital is taking on a drug crisis. >> we want to make sure that we are out in front of this. we're not playing games. emily: the partnership with a pharmacy that could save lives. >> this is an editorial by wcvb-tv channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. bill fine: achieving a lifelong dream, house speaker john boehner seemed deeply moved watching pope francis speak to a joint session of congress. the next day, he resigned. although boehner claims the decision was finalized months earlier, while listening to the pope's call for a renewed spirit of fraternity, one can't help
5:23 am
but wonder if the speaker was reminded just how dismal that prospect seems for the legislative body he presides over. during boehner's five-year tenure as speaker, a small but vociferous tea party-inspired group of representatives has increasingly stymied his leadership. boehner's been forced to repeatedly engage in ideologically-driven-- but politically unwinnable-- battles, one of which resulted in a damaging government shutdown in 2013. this fall promises more of the same on capitol hill. boehner has had enough. and who can blame him? whatever you may think about his leadership skills, few would accuse boehner of not caring deeply about the institution of congress. nevertheless, he knows firsthand just how far the public's respect for the house and senate has plunged. it's no coincidence that all three of the leading g.o.p. presidential candidates have never held elective office. boehner also pulled no punches, referring to ultra-conservatives as "false prophets" willing to compromise less and less and holding little value at all for
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actual governance. by the end of october, such scorched-earth, political zealotry will no longer be boehner's problem, resting instead with the new speaker and ultimately the nation as well. pope francis called on congress to cooperate "generously for the public good." although that's unlikely given the recent past, here's hoping its most intractable members heed his words, if not their own outgoing speaker's final and telling gesture. hand-crafted...layer by layer. r the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced pumpkin macchiato. p p i have this recurring dream p p where i actually enjoy flying r r there's plenty of room t t to stretch out v r r i never get bored r
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." >> we're not holding up well. not at all well. emily: a massachusetts mom fears her daughter is lost at sea. the new information on that missing cargo ship expected this morning. erika: new overnight. fire tears through a home in marlborough. the tough fight some families now face. emily: death in midair. the new information in overnight about the american airlines pilot who died during a flight to boston. and wild video of a serious showdown in a neighborhood. these guys were not backing down. on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: 5:30 a.m. on this tuesday morning. taking a live look here at the zakim bridge where things are
5:28 am
moving along nicely at this hour. olessa keeping an eye on all your roadways. i'm emily riemer. erika: thank you for starting your day with us right here. i'm erika tarantal. randy is off. cindy, it is a little chilly here. cindy: it is. you're going to want a little jacket this morning. a blue jacket. emily: or a red one. cindy: there you go. it will be in the 40's for the kids at the bus stop this morning. getting off the bus it's milder in the 60's this afternoon. look at these temperatures right now though if you're heading out the door. in bedford or nashua, it is only in the upper 30's. 36 jaffrey. 37 in keene. notice orange in the mid 30's as well. we're 46 worcester. 49 in boston. but look at norwood. it has dropped to 34. taunton in the upper 30's this morning. you can see here on the cape we're running quite a bit warmer. mostly in the 50's right now. you're just start to go see those clouds advance out of your area on the cape. the rest of us ahead clear skies for a while. here's the thing today. high pressure is settling in. so for the first time in nearly
5:29 am
a week we're talking about loads of sunshine. it will be a beautiful day. temperatures will come up into the 50's by 9:00 a.m. and then we're in the 60's most of the afternoon. the winds are light enough that there will be a bit of a sea breeze so mid to upper 60's on the coast. look at this. lawrence back to lowell, bedford, framingham. all touching 70 this afternoon. maybe even 71 in fitchburg. otherwise mid to upper 60's here through worcester county. upper 60's from brockton to bridgewater but right along the coast duxbury to plymouth mid 60's. cool spot will be the cape running in the lower 60's with you for that northerly wind. we're in great shape today weatherwise. enjoy it. don't forget to grab those sunglasses as you head out the door. sunrise at 6:46. we have a while to go, olessa. olessa: yes, we do. a live look outside for you here. zakim and the leverett connector both looking good this morning. ride. all the overnight construction is out of the way. no problems getting into boston. south of town a quiet ride on 24, 95, route 3 getting by at the speed limit as you travel
5:30 am
no problems on the pike or route 9. we have late-running construction on 128 north from route 2 to route 2a. that picked up nice and early. your trip down from new hampshire so far a quiet one. trains and buses also running on schedule. emily: thank you. right now we are waiting for new details about a cargo ship lost at sea. the ntsb is set to hold a news conference this morning. at least three people with massachusetts ties were on board the "el farro." erika: right now a late night fire is under investigation in marlborough. the flames broke out in the back deck area of a home on versailes street. police tell us the fire is not considered suspicious. nine people were forced out of the two-family home. reporter: also new overnight. american airlines has released the name of the pilot who died during a flight from phoenix to boston. a doctor on board tells "the globe" 57-year-old captain michael johnson likely died of a massive heart attack. right now a popular fantasy sports website is under fire responding to serious accusations. the eye's sera congi is live at the state house where draft
5:31 am
kings is already facing scrutiny. sera: erika-emily, the attorney general is already looking into these hugely popular be allowed to operate in massachusetts. that a draftkings employee accidentally posted data online showing which nfl players were being picked the most for fantasy football lineups. that same day, that employee reportedly won $350,000 on fanduel, a competing website. both sites were quick to release a statement saying they have strict policies to make sure employees do not profit from information, saying quote, "employees with access to this data are rigorously monitored by internal fraud control teams, and we have no evidence that anyone has misused it." "the times" reports both sites have temporarily banned employees from playing in games or tournaments on any other site. draftkings has three million
5:32 am
active users and has been valued at more than $1.2 billion. it is based in boston. live at the state house this morning, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: right now disturbing new details in the the eyeopener's jim lokay is here with the findings of a city report. last week, little gigi brown lived in an overcrowded apartment infested with bed bugs and roaches. city inspectors say the apartment she shared with eight other family members also had a that made it dangerous for a young child. that new information coming from the telegram this morning. there's still no indication on what killed the girl. pending though police were prescription and searched the apartment last week. meantime, gigi's funeral is set for wednesday in oxford. erika: new steps from the mbta this morning to cut down the number of delays for commuters.
5:33 am
by the end of the month. according to "the globe," they will take effect by the end of the "t" says departure times will not be drastically different, but commuters can expect a, quote, "significant" more rush-hour trains can also seven people are recovering after an amtrak train derails in their injuries are not life-threatening. the train was headed to washington d.c., when it hit rocks that had fallen on the tracks outside of montpelier. a passenger car plunged down an embankment, sending passengers flying. 98 passengers were on the train. emily: 5 on the opioid crisis. a new hampshire hospital with a new focus to fight addiction. partnering with local pharmacies to sell narcan over the counter to anyone. nasal spray narcan is already available at a 24-hours walgreens in rochester. the goal now is to get into the hands of those on the front lines fighting overdoses-- family and friends of addicts. >> last year there were more deaths-- there were 00 deaths in
5:34 am
the state of new hampshire from drug overdoses. this year we may well go over 1,000. emily: hospital officials say narcan has the potential to save more lives than any other medication in the u.s. this year. just about 5:37. a newton mom says united airlines treated her like an animal. erika: the unsanitary place she was offered when she asked for a place to pump breast milk. plus a wild scene in alaska. the fight going viral this morning. emily: and ahead in news to go, cheerios getting recalled. the bad label that could make people sick.
5:35 am
olessa: good morning. welcome back to the "eyeopener." a live look outside at the zakim bridge. so far we're in pretty good shape. we're building that volume on the leverett connector as well. you can see all our construction is gone for the early morning hours. no accidents to report at this time but cindy a little bit of sun glare in just a bit. cindy: can you believe it? nicest day we've had around here in about a week. we're 49 in boston. lots of 30's in the suburbs but we're ending this afternoon in the upper 60's to near 70. even warm he were tomorrow but it is the warmest day of the week. notice temperatures cooling off with showers returning to the forecast by friday. erika. erika: cindy, thank you. this is where a massachusetts mother was instructed to pump breast milk at a washington airport. the image igniting outrage on social media. the newton mom asked for a private place to pump at dulles airport, and she was stunned when a united airlines employee
5:36 am
room. >> there was no door, and there was a fire hydrant for dogs to pee on. obviously all these signs that say "this is where dogs go to the bathroom." it's pretty much ridiculous in the year 2015 that we have to talk about this. i really think it's a teachable moment and people can learn from this experience. you know, it's upsetting that i had to go through this. erika: liz says she was also denied access to the united club area because she is not a member. united tells newscenter 5 it will apologize, but liz says that hasn't happened yet. emily: diary entries of the oregon campus shooter revealed. the relationship he wished he'd had. and a rhode island blood center is cutting jobs. the expensive blood tests leading to the layoffs. plus julian edelman gets a big honor. new recognition for the pats
5:37 am
dear fellow citizen, pi get that it' s hard to say no pwhen your kids want toys, p because you' re saving for shoes. t and shoes. and shoes. p but i can help you figure out how to save a little with one deposit checking. r so ask me, i can help you avoid fees. psincerely, elizabeth trackler.
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fellow working mom and fellow citizen. emily: it is 5:44 this morning. the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in bourne, boston, and jim with the new information we are learning about a pilot's death on a plane bound for logan airport. but first cindy has your forecast. erika: it looks like a nice little stretch. cindy: about time. it was about a week ago that we were entering into the period of gloomy weather. we're finally getting out of it a week later. it will be nice to see some sunshine today. should provide a nice back drop for the foliage which is
5:39 am
starting to change. this picture out of west central new hampshire where the color is is just starting to kick in. you know, we're running a little bit late this year with the foliage partly because it was just so warm in the month of september. peak foliage though right now as you go up into far northern parts of new england. if you're thinking of sneaking away columbus day weekend to check it out, lots of color through central new england. just start to go see splashes around here. typically it's closer to halloween before we see it down on cape cod. mornings like this though, it will kick-start that foliage. it is chilly out there now. look at all the 30's showing up. boston 49. worcester 46. but norwood to taunton the nid to upper 30's. we're running in the upper 0's here across southern new hampshire as well. in the merrimack valley befor lunchtime, we should be in the lower 60's. notice a lot of sunshine today. we're topping out near 70 degrees this afternoon. so the range in temperatures as we get into the afternoon will be mid 60's at the coast to around 70 over the interior. much milder day with lots of sunshine. and lighter winds than we have seen the past couple of days as well.
5:40 am
high pressure the reason. it is is nosing on in. this goes with joaquin. quiet weather is with us tomorrow looks like the warmest day of the week up around 70 degrees. the front comes through with a few passing clouds later wednesday. we're a little bit cooler on thursday. if you are thinking of sneaking away to the topsfield fair the next couple of days it looks great. of course it runs through the weekend. warm temperatures right around 70 tomorrow. let's get you out to the roads. if you're not going to fair, you're probably going to work this morning. olessa: we're start to go see work. there's a live look outside northbound side move to go the-to of the screen. up. let's check the rest of that ride. so far accident free and construction free this morning. if you're traveling south of town looking good on 95, 24. wide open out of brockton. route from weymouth to braintree and the pike as well as route 9 also nice and light out of framing hl. 93 looks good out of new hampshire. chelmsford. no problems along route 1 this morning.
5:41 am
emily: thank you. right now. a search for a ship and its crew feared lost at sea. erika: the eyeopener's todd kazakiewich is at mass maritime academy where students are remembering two of their own this morning. todd: they certainly are holding out hope. there will be a moment of reflection at 7:30 this morning here when the cadets assemble. two of the missing sailors are mass maritime graduates. and this morning we're hearing from the mother of a third missing sailor from massachusetts, crew member mariette wright. >> we cried together. we wail and scream and cry and pray. that's about all i can tell you. we're not holding up well. todd: a tremendous disappointment monday when a life boat from the ship was found empty. the body of one unidentified soldier or i should say sailor was found in a survival suit. the ntsb will be holding a press conference on the disaster at sea at 7:0 this morning. report live from mass maritime
5:42 am
kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. jim: the pilot who died on board a flight en route to boston apparently had a massive heart attack. we're hearing from his widow this morning. >> he knew he wanted to be a pilot. he knew that was what he wanted to do. if nothing else, i'm grateful that that's what he was doing. he was doing what he loved. jim: the american airlines flight was on its way from phoenix when it had to make an emergency stop in syracuse. the crew told passengers captain michael johnston wasn't feeling well at the time. paramedics were at the gate, but all indications are it was just too late to perform c.p.r. johnston's widow says her husband had bypass surgery almost a decade ago. sera? sera: jim, the hugely popular fantasy sports web sight draft kings is under fire this morning. it is reported that an employee accidentally posted data online showing which nfl players were being picked the most in fantasy lineups. that same day that employee won $50,000 on fandual, a competing web site.
5:43 am
both sites claim they had strict policies in place about inside information saying employees with access to this tonight today are rig orously monitored by internal fraud control teams and we have no evidence that anyone has misused it. "the times" reports that both sites have temporarily banned employees from playing on any other sites. meanwhile, the attorney general here in massachusetts is reviewing one whether these web sites should be allowed to operate in massachusetts. live at the state house this morning, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: thank you. a late night fire is under investigation in marlborough. the flames broke out in the back deck area of a home on versailes street just after 11:00 last night. police tell us the fire is not considered suspicious. nine people were forced out of the two-family home. emily: a new push today to get double murder charges against aaron hernandez dropped. lawyers for the ex-patriot will try to get charges tied to the 2012 murders of daniel de abreu and safiro furtado dismissed. prosecutors say hernandez shot
5:44 am
the men after an encounter in a boston nightclub. the defense claims insufficient evidence was presented to a grand jury to establish probable cause. the rhode island blood center is laying off 37 workers due to the cost of collecting blood. that's about ten percent of its work force. "the providence journal" reports the state is one of nine with high rates of an emerging tick-borne disease. the layoffs will offset those costs. erika: there are now seven cases of people contracting the west nile virus in massachusetts this year. the public health department says a suffolk county woman in her 90's is the latest person in need of treatment. two people have died this year of the disease. emily: the white house has withdrawn beverly scott's nomination to serve on the national transportation safety board. according to "the herald," white house officials say scott asked that her nomination be withdrawn for personal reasons. the former head of the mbta stepped down in february as the system was crippled by snow. erika: president obama will go to oregon on friday to comfort
5:45 am
the families of those killed in last week's shooting massacre. the visit will be the first stop in a four-day tour of the west coast for the president. specific details on his trip have not been released. emily: the gunman in last week's oregon school massacre ranted about having no girlfriend. the writings are in a journal being disclosed by investigators. his mother says 26-year-old christopher harper-mercer dealt with mental health issues. president obama will visit oregon on friday to meet with victims' families privately. erika: california is now the patients can be prescribed life-ending drugs. measure into law yesterday. brittany maynard brought national attention to the issue last year. she was living in california when she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and moved to oregon to take medication to legally end her life. emily: an unusual rescue in manchester new hampshire. that's a nine-year-old boy trapped in a tree. witnesses say he climbed the tree to see fire trucks that were responding to another call. his kneecap got wedged between
5:46 am
ground. firefighters actually needed to apart the branches and get him down. he was stuck for about 25 minutes. erika: a major recall for a popular cereal that's a staple for many families. general mills is recalling 1.8 million boxes of cheerios and honey nut cheerios labeled gluten-free that actually contain wheat. the company started shipping the new gluten free recipe in july. you can see which boxes are affected right now on wcvb dot-com and our mobile apps. emily: flu season is officially here. the centers for disease control says cases are low right now but outbreaks have been known to pop up in october. doctors say the flu vaccine is your best protection from the virus. two guys fighting over a girl in an alaska neighborhood. it's mating season and cameras were rolling when two bull moose started butting heads. the fight started in a driveway, then made its way into the street.
5:47 am
media. emily: yankees pitcher cc sabathia is checking into rehab for alcohol addiction. he'll miss the postseason. sabathia says he wants to take control of the disease and wants to be a better man, father, and player. the yankees host the astros in the american league wild card game tonight. >> being an athlete in boston is an awesome thing. i'm honored to be on this cover for the ten-year anniversary. i mean, i'm humbled. erika: patriots wide receiver julian edelman was the center of attention at last night's boston common magazine's 10th anniversary bash. the patriots' receiver graces the cover. emily: no more racing to beat the clock to get that egg mcmuffin. starting today, you'll be able to get breakfast all-day long at mcdonalds nationwide. the menu will vary by location. in most places, the all-day menu includes hot cakes, hash browns, and those fruit-and-yogurt parfaits. the mcgriddle sandwiches though
5:48 am
still not available all day. erika: i could eat breakfast all day. i think breakfast all day at just about every establishment is a good idea. erika: we're morning people ourselves. cindy: breakfast for dinner. my kids love that. why not? look at the temperatures this morning. there's going to be something to warm you up as you head out the door. jackets required. 30's right now nashua to bedford. we're running in the upper 30's beverly as well. jaffrey down to 36. worcester is 46. we're 49 in boston. from norwood to taunton we're in the 30's now. mildest temperatures are on cape cod where the clouds hung on a little bit longer overnight. notice where they are now exiting off shore. so we have cleared out. we're talking about sunshine today through the entire day. just a few puffy clouds developing this afternoon. so we are in great shape. lighter winds today. so even though the temperatures start out cool, it's going to feel nice by lunchtime low to mid 60's. with those lighter winds we'll hold in the 60's at the coast making a run though toward 70, lawrence, nashua, mid 60's for you out in worcester today. so it's a nice day overall as
5:49 am
high pressure setlezs in. that means the skies stay clear overnight. there could be patchy fog. it will be another chilly night although likely not as cool as this morning. lots of 40's in the suburbs by tomorrow morning. if you're wondering about joaquin it's still a category 1 hurricane moving away from bermuda. it's a good 500 miles southeast of nantucket this morning. the forecast track continues to pull it out through the north atlantic. so joaquin no longer bothering anyone. at least for now. we're talking about the temperatures warming up tomorrow. should be the warmest day of the week. should sneak into the lower 70's even in boston if we can keep that sea breeze away. lower 70's up through the merrimack valley and mid 60's on cape cod. the front comes through with cooler temperatures on thursday, but we're still dry. our next chance for rain, that comes in on friday. watch this frontal boundary approachment it will bring in showers mostly during the afternoon and evening hours on friday. then behind it, the plan is that be clear it out on saturday. one of our computer models slowing us down with a wave of low pressure on the front so right now keeping the forecast dry for saturday but check back. the holiday weekend features a
5:50 am
good amount of sunshine and seasonal temperatures, low to mid 60's saturday, sunday. we could warm up closer to 70 by columbus day. looking examine for holiday weekend. how are the roads. olessa: no complaints. thank you. a live look outside here at the expressway. picking up some of those rush-hour delays. this is a check near morrisey boulevard. you can see the northbound side there starting to build with those brake lights. let's check out the rest of that ride. all the overnight construction picked up nice and early. if you're heading south 24 you have those delays out of brockton. 95 building volume out of sharon and route 3 from weymouth to braintree. your ride on the expressway not too bad. you just saw it live. 15 minutes from braintree to boston. and so far we're in pretty good shape on the pike as well. 495 to 128, 15-20 minutes. we have late-running construction on 128 north from route 2 to route 2a. that is is now out of the way. 93 southbound some volume out of methuen and down to andover back to wilmington. more delays from concord street down to spot pond. so far trains and bus s are
5:51 am
erika and emily. emily: right now out for the first time since her daughter was convicted of murder. erika: the demand she's making now and the lie she asked pam to tell. plus gaining weight, without realizing it. three subtle causes of over-eating. emily: if you are heading out, you can watch the latest newscenter 5 newscast right now or anytime on the wcvb mobile app. erika: and a live look this morning outside. it is a beautiful, clear morning. it's a chilly one. just 43 degrees outside our studios in needhamment cindy has your full forecast and, of course, olessa is watching the traffic it's all on the
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